Lucknow: Amidst the successful conclusion of the two phases of election in Uttar Pradesh, the controversial statements made by party leaders have warmed up the political scenario in the state.

While Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma termed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as too old to rule and advised him to go on a leave, MP from Gorakhpur Yogi Adityanath has said that no party is going to get a majority in the elections.

"He (the PM) is already 80 years old. In 2014, when the next Lok Sabha elections are to take place, he will be 82. There is a limit to working," Verma told reporters in Jaunpur in response to a question about Rahul Gandhi’s prospects of becoming   the Prime Minister.

"Rahul Gandhi will be the Prime Minister," he added.

Verma who has been projected as a Dalit leader by the party is also seen as a strong contender for the Chief Ministerial post.

On the other hand Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh has defended the  PM. Talking to reporters in Allahabad, he said: "Manmohan Singh is doing well. However, there is an atmosphere in the country to make Rahul the PM."

Verma has been in the news recently for terming the Barabanki MP, PL Punia, as "an outsider who has no support base in Barabanki".

Meanwhile, Yogi Aditynath has said that seeing the trend of the two phases of UP elections, no political party will gain majority.

He said, “No political party will be in a position to form a government. People have already rejected BSP and SP. BJP is in a fray of being the no 1. A collation government will be needed. So, there is a huge chance of midterm polls.”

(JPN/ Bureau)