Lima: Former President of Peru Alberto Fujimori, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence on rights abuse and corruption charges, may be pardoned either by Peru's outgoing president or the country's new leader. Such talks have alarmed Human rights activists.

Images of 72 years old weakened and frail Fujimori getting a medical checkup for his cancer triggered a debate on whether to release the former strongman on humanitarian grounds.

Peruvian Prime Minister Rosario Fernandez said on Monday that a reprieve is not on President (Alan) Garcia's agenda but it will be on the agenda of president-elect Ollanta Humala.

Humala, who takes office on July 28, defeated Fujimori's daughter, legislator Keiko Fujimori in a bitter run-off election on June 5.

The president-elect, who was visiting Uruguay reiterated his view that Fujimori could be pardoned on humanitarian grounds.

"In my opinion, nobody should die in jail, and few words are needed for those who listen well," he said.

Humala told the daily El Comercio Sunday that he would pardon Fujimori on humanitarian grounds.

"Nobody should die in prison, except people serving life sentences for child molestation," he told Peru's paper of record.

Keiko Fujimori told reporters that her father is just OK but has lost a lot of weight. She said nothing about a possible reprieve.

Fujimori has had cancerous lesions on his tongue for years which is not enough to convince his detractors, who fear his illness is being exaggerated as a ploy to get out of prison and flee the country.