New Delhi: The Central Government has announced implemention of quota system in delivery of cooking gas cylinders to the consumers, but how it is going to be implemented is yet not clear. With the rising cases of hiccups in the distribution of LPG cylinders, oil companies are trying its hand on new alternatives. Now, they are planning to link gas connection number to registered mobile phone number of the user. In the coming days, refilling request would be processed through registered mobile phone number.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister S Jaipal Reddy has cleared in the Economic editor’s conference that government is not going to hike diesel and cooking gas prices in near future. However, despite growth in the last month, oil companies are going to account a under recovery of Rs 1,67,000 crore on petro products. The Central Government is going to bear a huge loss.

Reddy said, “We are also mulling on ‘Gas Passbook’ system to implement subsidy quota. Earlier, LPG cylinders were delivered through this system which used to carry details of LPG cylinder delivery. Oil companies want this system to get operational so that delivery of number of subsidised cylinders can be kept under check. Oil companies are also under process to develop software. The new software will be helpful in tracking the supply of subsidised cylinders. Till the time software gets developed, Passbook system will help run distribution system.   

According to Jaipal, the process to link gas connection to mobile number is already under process. Till now, mobile numbers of 30 percent of the users have been registered. In next two months, rest of the consumers will get their mobile phone be registered. On broader terms, around 99 percent of the consumers have mobile phone connections.


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