Your dishes are known to be easy and quick to make; can you tell us about your food philosophy?

I believe that cooking should be made easy, so that one enjoys it more. There are two ways of cooking: one is the technical one with lots of ingredients in it and the second is a simple one with less things put in. A housewife, a student and newbie chefs enjoy the easier ones, as the flavours are simplified and at the end of the day it makes life simple and one has more time to enjoy food.

According to you, which is easier to cook — Indian or Western dishes?

I have stayed outside India for a long time, so I like European food; of course, Indian food is also one of my all-time favourites. And cooking Indian food is more difficult. I also enjoy eating mix and match food.

You always keep trying new things; which is your favourite new innovation till now?

My signature dishes that I make with strawberry, since it’s in season now— Strawberry Green Chilli Risotto and Strawberry with Chana Chaat.

Name a celebrity whom you have cooked for?

Hrithik Roshan is one person who loves eating and likes to eat fish with crispy salad and also likes meat.

Tell us something that you will be teaching in the Master Class?

I will demonstrate some easy recipes that people can make at home with the help of chicken strips, strawberry, ginger, etc

Can you give some tips to make regular food tasty?

> Use fresh and washed vegetables and fruits while cooking.
> Always taste before serving so that you can add if anything is less.
> Garnish before serving.
> Use more seasonal fruits and vegetables so that its freshness makes the dishes tastier.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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