Here we bring top mobile apps that will prove to be powerful tools for you to keep cool.

WeTap: This application is available on Android devices for free. It helps you to find water fountains. It also allows users to add further information about water sources for the benefits of other users. You can also register requests to repair damaged taps.

Weatherzone: This application can be downloaded on Android and iOS phones free of cost. It forecasts weather for the coming 7 days for 2000+ locations with minimum and maximum temperatures. Also, Weatherzone predicts chances of rain, amount of rain and sunrise and sunset times.

TapIt HRVA: This mobile app provides a list of water taps and public water fountains with locations to help you find the nearest water source. Also, you can share this information on Facebook and Twitter.

SunSmart: This app can be downloaded on Android and iOS phones without any charge. The application helps in protection from UV rays by indicating their levels so that you can schedule your outings accordingly.

Carbodroid: This app can be downloaded on Android phones without any charge. It keeps track of your water intake thereby helping you to maintain the minimum water level required to deal with the heat. It works like an attendant who reminds the phone user to drink water with its alarm feature.