New Delhi: Pending for a long period, the Co-operative Societies (Amendment) act 2010 is likely to be passed in the winter session of the Parliament. Members of various employee unions have urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Agriculture Minister to get the Bill passed. It is being revised to bring about uniformity in the Co-operative Act.

President of National Co-operative Union Chandra Pal Singh is of the view that the protests are being held at a slow pace as there is a different Co-operative law in each state. “The state governments have made the changes in the Act as per their whims and fancies,” he added.

Once the Act is approved by the Parliament, there would be a different Co-operative election Commission which will play a vital role in maintaining the democratic form of functioning in the government offices. There would be a similar kind of audit in all the states and also organizing a common assembly for all the organizations would be made mandatory.

After the proposed amendments are implemented in the act to make it a law, the office bearers in the government organizations would have tenure of five years and who would not be subject to the likings of the government.

The Co-operative organizations have written letters to all the MPs of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha and, the various organisations have requested the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers to pass the Co-operative Societies (Amendment) act 2010, which has been pending since past three years.

Following which important discussions were held and the MPs of the Standing Committee have been contacted.

(JPN/ Bureau)