New Delhi: The ever increasing crime rate in the national capital has raised doubts about the ability of Delhi police. As if this wasn’t enough to malign the police, the attempt made by three policemen to molest a 20-year old woman constable on March 11, while she was returning home from duty, has dented their ethical integrity as well.

The incident took place near Kudesiya Park when Kavita, a traffic constable, was on duty in CLC 7 point in Civil Lines area. She had recently joined Delhi police. Like any other day, Kavita was heading towards her home after finishing her duty at 3pm when three policemen who were inebriated got in her way and started molesting her.

Shouting for help, Kavita caught hold of one policeman, while the other two ran away. Hearing her yell, other traffic staff came to her rescue. In the meantime, passers-by informed the Sabzi Mandi police station and handed over the drunken cop. On questioning, he revealed his name, Rajkumar, posted in Old Police Line. Later, his accomplice, Ajit who was posted in the same unit, was also arrested. An FIR has been lodged against both the policemen in Civil Lines police station.

Sources said that the ACP of Civil Lines police station has received complaints against Rajkumar earlier also. Although teachers of a primary school have complained about his indecent behaviour, the top officials did not take any action against him fearing it could bring ill-reputation to the police department.