New Delhi: Public representatives and officers are well aware of the rules and regulations, however they adopt different means to flaunt their ostentatious attitude and show-off to earn clout.

Traffic police registered many cases of high-net-worth people using beacon light illegally.

Recently, Delhi traffic police caught two cars with red and blue beacon lights, which were being used by MLAs and officers.

Observing the trend, Joint Commissioner of Police (traffic) Satyendra Garg tried to get information through Facebook that why elite group use red and blue beacon on the vehicles which do not belong to them.

Recently, a Facebook user posted the complaint with a photo of a car- DL 3S AJ 2885-stating that MLA was written on the number plate and the car had red beacon.

Taking action in this regard, the traffic police reached the residence of the car owner in Bhai Parmanand Colony of Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi where he informed that the car belonged to the MLA.

The police confiscated his RC and fined him Rs 2, 000. They also removed the red beacon from the car.

In a similar case, traffic police officers registered another complaint and after investigation, it was found that the car was used by a judicial officer although he was not the owner of the car.

The police caught another car-DL 8C NB 7970-with blue beacon. After investigation it was found that the car’s owner was an inspector with the Excise Department in Faridabad.

When the police visited his residence, the inspector said that the vehicle belonged to the additional commissioner and he had borrowed it for some time. The police seized his RC and blue beacon was taken away.