Kolkata: Supreme Court lawyer and one of the representatives of the Civil Society on Lokpal panel Prashant Bhushan on Saturday slammed corporate mafias terming them as ‘dangerous for Indian democracy’.

“Corporate houses have become a law unto themselves and their capitalist approach has turned hazardous for the common man. With all the natural resources like water, gas, electricity, mineral-ores, oil etc gradually coming under their sphere, they have started exploiting the citizens by overcharging them,” Bhushan said while addressing a seminar ‘Can the Lokpal Bill help in evading corruption?’ organised by the Chambers of Commerce.

Bhushan expressed concern over the growing powers in the hand of corporate houses. He said that people’s wealth is not safe anymore.

Lashing out at the Centre for protecting the corporate houses, he asked: “If our government will only safeguard the corporates then where will the people go?” 

“To get the answer of all such questions the need for the Lokpal has arisen so that independent decisions can be taken on behalf of the common mass,” Bhushan added.

Praising the proposed anti-graft Ombudsman, Bhushan said that it is already a success in many countries as it brings the Chief Justices and rulers under its ambit.  “Why should our Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India be left out of it? If they commit any mistake or involve in wrongdoings how will they be brought to justice?” Bhushan said while highlighting the demand of the Civil Society on the controversial issue.

Bhushan also claimed that Liberalisation of the economy has increased corruption leaps and bounds.

“A person who has wealth will remain ahead in market and a person who lacks in riches cannot even share the same dais and is exploited to the maxim,” Bhushan said Bhushan also highlighted the corrupt practices in the higher Judiciary.

“There are several wrongdoings within the judiciary but are never reported. In such a case all the departments working for the common man should be brought under the ambit of Lokpal Bill,” he said.

On the issue of Baba Ramdev, Bhushan said that Hazare and Ramdev’s cause are genuine and both are working in the same direction by uniting the masses to stand against corruption.