New Delhi: Ahead of the consideration of Lokpal Bill by Parliament, Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi on Monday warned that the anti-corruption ombudsman may become a tool of powerful corporates to get back at political class and government.
Claiming that corporate houses are not happy with the government on the ground that they are not benefitting from the policies of the UPA, Ravi said there are "sinister designs" to limit powers of MPs and other elected representatives.
"That's why the talk of policy paralysis and other complaints. They feel they are not benefitting from the policies of the government...That is why there are efforts to limit powers of MPs and other elected representatives," Ravi said.
"Who will benefit from Lokpal. Certainly the corporate houses. They have been very critical of the government as they feel nothing is moving for them. They are becoming very powerful and they may misuse Lokpal in future to get back on government. There is a sinister campaign in all this," he said.
Accusing Anna Hazare of trying to undermine supremacy of Constitution, Ravi said he was running the campaign with "ulterior motives".
"This man is trying to dictate things with ulterior motives. He is trying undermine the Constitution which is the highest document of the country. He is trying to weaken Parliament by making unreasonable demands. There is way to do things," he said.

Ravi said the Lokpal proposed by Team Anna will destabilise the whole country.
"We cannot have a super powerful body with all the powers. It may destabilise the country. We cannot allow it to happen," he said.
"There may be corruption. But there are laid down procedures to deal with it. The Lokpal Bill has provisions that Lokpal can refer corruption cases to CBI. That is a right approach. We cannot bring CBI under Lokpal. The CBI must remain independent," he said on demands to bring the premier investigation agency under the purview of the proposed ombudsman.
Noting that poor people of the country are not complaining against the government, Ravi said only the super rich and corporates are critical of the policies of the UPA dispensation.
"The poor do not have any complaint. We have brought the landmark NREGA legislation to ensure jobs for the poor. Now we are bringing the Food Security Bill. We have been making sincere efforts to ensure welfare of all," he said.