New Delhi: Amidst the growing outcry in the society over punishment meted out to school students in the country, Uttar Pradesh Primary Education Minister has come up with a bizarre suggestion favouring Corporeal punishment to maintain discipline in the schools.

Ram Govind Chaudhury, the minister, seems to be unmindful of the suggestions of leading child-psychologists, prominent members of civil society as well as that of the Supreme Court that school students need love and affection instead of harsh treatment to encourage them in studies.

Speaking at an event, Chaudhary said that if the school students are not given corporeal punishment, they would not study properly. His statement has naturally sparked a fresh controversy.

Remembering his school days he added that he was also beaten with canes by his teachers when he was a kid. The minister’s statement seems to be like a medieval era story.   

After several incidents of students meted out corporeal punishment which has resulted into casualties taking place legal guidelines have been issued to the schools in this regard.

According to it now no teacher will be able to give corporeal punishment to the students. If any such case of ill treatment to a student by his or her teacher is reported by the parents, the concerned teacher could be arrested immediately and legal actions could also be taken against school administration.


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