New Delhi (JNP/ Bureau): As an array of scams and scandals dented the credibility of the UPA-government, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has great challenges in the coming budget to get policies executed in effective and transparent way in order to give good governance for winning public confidence.

While presenting Budget in the fiscal year 2010-11, Mukherjee said, “Good governance and better administration are big challenges for the development of the nation.” As string of scams and scandals cropped up, the Minister is wary of sagging image of the government. The corruption issue has become so prominent that it diluted the confidence of foreign investors.

India Inc, particularly Ratan Tata, expressed their anguish on the way 2G spectrum and CVC issues were handled. Mukherjee is expected to announce some goodies to check the plummeting image of the governance.

From November to till date, foreign investors withdrew RS 24,800 cr form market. “Corruption is big hurdle for FII. The Finance Minister should do something in the Budget to salvage the credibility of the government,” says Sandip Parwal, MD of SPA Capital.

The government needs huge investment in order to make growth fast. The Centre is required to give good governance for winning the confidence of investors