New Delhi: Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Friday said inclusive growth is not possible without removing corruption.

"Governance failures and corruption in the system affect the poor disproportionately. An inclusive development agenda cannot succeed without addressing these issues," Mukherjee
said, while addressing the CII National Conference and Annual session here.

He said the benefits of economic growth are not reaching large section of the country and there is need to address the gaps in the system for overall development.

"It is evident that the fruits of growing prosperity are not being enjoyed equally by all our citizens. There are gaps in our development efforts and in our governance practices,... across sectors and in different regions and segments of the country," Mukherjee added.

He underlined that the country's economic development should be more holistic to bring about improvement in living standards.

"It is equally important that the available public resources are effectively used. We are acutely conscious that if these resources have to bear fruit, we have to tackle issues of governance and service delivery," Mukherjee added.