Mumbai: Author Chetan Bhagat says the idea of his latest work 'Revolution 2020' emerged because of the rampant corruption in the education sector which affects millions of youth.

"I am a motivation speaker now and travel around the country. As part of that, I visited several small colleges and noticed the rampant corruption in the education sector. I thought this affects millions of youth so I should do something about it. Hence, 'Revolution 2020' was born," Chetan said.

He said the story talks about how goodness never really dies in people. "We may choose different paths, but ultimately the desire to be seen as a good person remains," he said.

'Revolution 2020' is the story of childhood friends Gopal, Raghav and Aarti who struggle to find success and love in Varanasi. However, it isn't easy to achieve this in an unfair society that rewards the corrupt.

As Gopal gives in to the system, and Raghav fights it... the story is about who will win.

When asked why the story was based in Varanasi, Chetan said, "I felt a special connection to the city when I visited it. It is one of our oldest cities, and people there now have modern aspirations. I thought the contrast would be interesting. The city also has a lot of character."

To a question on whether there are plans of making a movie from 'Revolution 2020', he replied, "Let us see. If it happens, will be great."

Chetan, whose books have remained bestsellers since their release, and have been adapted into major Bollywood films, had issues with the makers of '3 Idiots' over credits. To which he says, "Just work with right people and have good paper work."  

The 37-year-old, an alumni of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad, is the author of four blockbuster books, Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ the Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of my life (2008) and 2 States (2009).

The writer said his protagonists Gopal and Raghav are intelligent boys. One wanted to use his intelligence to make money. One wanted to use his intelligence to create a revolution. The problem was, they both loved the same girl.

Revolution 2020 is "foremost a love story, in fact a love triangle, as both Gopal and Raghav love the same girl (Aarti). Corruption, particularly in the education sector, is the backdrop of the story."