New Delhi: The fate of the Lokpal Bill might be dependant on the stance adopted by various political parties in the Parliament but the parties are fast losing the faith of the public in their fight against corruption.

The revelation was made in a survey conducted by Transparency International in south Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

According to the survey of India, more than 48 percent of those surveyed perceived political parties to be the most corrupt institution while 34 percent regard parliament and legislature as the most corrupt.

40 percent of those survey claimed police as the top runner in receiving bribes. It is surprising that in spite of the Anna movement gripping the nation on its anti-corruption wave, the practice of bribery has not been on the backburner.

According to 74 percent of the people surveyed, they had experienced a rise in corruption in the last three years. Moreover, 55 percent felt that the Government was ineffective in the fight against corruption.

The survey also disclosed the reason behind the mass support to Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement. About India, it said "On an average, people in the highest income quintile were more likely to pay bribes than the lowest income quintile." Therefore, a large number of educated, employed class is part of the movement.