Corruption seems to have been a regular issue of the day. Blame-game politics has become common practice. Raking up the past to sully image, the ruling party and opposition lock horns over proving one being less corrupt than the other. Nation is witnessing this cacophony for a long time and it is hardly going to halt. Recently, the opposition, particularly the BJP, hurled some more serious allegations against the ruling government, giving it the epithet of most corrupt government ever. In a bid to blunt the attack of BJP, the Congress thundered, giving lesson to the BJP for using proper language. The ongoing episode of pot calling kettle black between the ruling dispensation and opposition has raised the hackles of hoi polloi and is causing estrangement between politics and people. Now it has become a common denominator that leaders are not serious to bridle the rampant corruption nor are they interested to send the culprit to gallows. Nevertheless blizzard of scams and scandals have gone unearthed, the government has not done any tangible barring mere giving false assurances of taking cudgel against the whodunnit. Playing see-saw over such a grave issue, the government sometimes talks about bringing legislation in Lokpal, sometimes they give lollypop of constituting a committee to blow off corruption, but the result is back to square one.

The big puzzle is why not the ruling government trying to win the hearts of people (voters) by taking effective measure to check the rampant corruption with immediate effect? Is it so because a coalition government is in power? Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi stated that the coalition government is a stumbling block for reining corruption. It spells out that the allies of the Congress compel the government to shy away from taking hard measures to check corruption.  Saga of Spectrumgate and lethargic steps taken against A Raja by the government fairly buttress it. Fair enough, if coalition compulsion is a hurdle to checkmate the corruption, why the government is showing soft gesture to Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi? In the same vein, why is an accused enjoying the post of chief vigilance commissioner. Rahul Gandhi has also blamed the coalition politics for price spike. If the coalition politics is billed to be an epicenter of problems, all political parties should endeavour to amend the constitution in order to give better and transparent governance.  If we have diagnosed the disease, we should move for treatment rather than talking about the ailment and doing nothing. India is commanding respect on global forum by its vibrant and robust growth. The rampant corruption is eating into vitals of the systems and it has dented the country’s image abroad. Passing political comments and playing brinkmanship over corruption are simply aggravating the situation and have become final straw. People are desperate and literally have lost their faith in the present political establishment. Their guttural chorus is-- THE BUCK WILL NEVER STOP.