Chandigarh: Arrival of cotton in various grain markets of district Sirsa in Haryana has touched the highest mark of 3.74 lakh quintals resulting in revenue of over Rs 6.77 crore in the form of Haryana Rural Development Fund (HRDF) and market fee.
In addition to having maximum arrival of cotton in mandis, the district has also become the highest collector of revenue through Market Fee.
While giving this information here on Saturday, an official spokesman said that cotton arrived in five grain markets of district Sirsa, out of which the Sirsa grain market had recorded 1.81 lakh quintals of cotton which was the highest in all the five grain markets.
The Kalanwali grain market recorded 86,845 quintals, Dabwali recorded 45,393 quintals, Elenabad 54,624 quintals and Ding recorded 6009 quintals of cotton arrival, he said.
He said that in view of the good production and the fact that cotton was fetching a good price, this crop had been cultivated over an area of 2.10 lakh hectares in Sirsa district.
He added that the target for the cotton crop production in Sirsa district for this year had been 50.40 lakh quintals.
He that the area under other crops including ‘guar’ had been reduced in spite of which the price being fetched by the ‘guar’ crop had nevertheless become a reason for cheer amongst the farmers.
Till now 50,962 quintals of ‘guar’ crop had arrived in the grain markets of Sirsa and it had fetched a price of Rs 5,200 per quintal to the farmers, which was a record.