Ludhiana: In a bid consolidate his position ahead of the forthcoming Assembly elections in Punjab, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has said that the country is not safe in the hands of the Congress government.

Counting on the failures of the Congress-led Central government, Badal said that during the Congress regime, the country has witnessed many blasts. He said, “People are not at all safe in the Congress governance. Sometimes blasts claim lives in Mumbai and sometimes the people of Delhi are subjected to face fury of terror attacks.”
While participating in the Youth Federation Front’s facilitation ceremony where he was honoured with Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Award, Badal said, “The state of insecurity in the nation is not my conviction, but the Chief of Army has also confirmed that the China’s military personnel are working on many of the projects in Pakistan which is hinting that nothing is well in the country.”

He said, “The poverty and mismanagement has resulted in discontent. This is the reason why more than half of the states in the nation are in the clutches of the Naxals. This has all happened in the Congress’s regime.” 
Commenting on the Congress’s approach in the Vidhan Sabha Badal said, “The Congress lacks issues and it has become desperate. After a dust-biting defeat in the SGPC, the Congress leaders are behaving in such a manner.”  

On the proposal to increase in fertilizer prices, he said the government is raising the prices of fertilizer. “At a time when the agriculture has become lucrative, increasing the price of fertilizers will hamper the farmers. But unfortunately, the Congress government has become indifferent to the issue,” he added.

(JPN/ Bureau)