"Science keeps going on, science will go on..... the problem is we in India have very little time, don't forget that. We don't have infinite time to become a progressive nation," Rao said.
Delivering the keynote address at the 22nd National Children's Science Congress here, he said, "we must see to itthat development reaches the country in a faster phase so that India can become progressive and an advanced country soon."
"We must do that as we don't have much time," he said, adding that, "we have to do this so that we are on par with other developed powers."
Speaking about growing competition in the field of science in today's world, Rao said "....although we are doing some things, others are doing more; ours neighbours in South
Korea, China they are investing more, they are doing more things, so there is growing competition."
He said "so dear friends you better get used to competition....; competition is part of science but today it is more critical...."
Advising youngsters not to be afraid of competition that exist, he asked them to focus on their work and excel in it.
Asking students to develop doggedness, tenacity and dedication when it comes to science, Rao said "....get infected by a science virus...it is the best virus."
National Children's Science Congress was inaugurated by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah here that was attended by Union Minister for Science and Technology Dr Harshawardhan, Karnataka Minister for Science and Technology S R Patil and Prof Rao, among others.
About 850 young scientists, 300 guide teachers, and evaluators, state coordinators and other officials are attending the five-day event, where projects selected from states and Union Territories across the country will be presented.
Harshavardhan said, "I request all of you that you should play a more active role in the immediate society which include your families for removing practices and behaviour patterns
which go against rationalism."
He said "please remember that the first job of a scientist is to fight ignorance, and as you are our future budding scientists you should certainly apply your mind on these issues...."

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