He was reacting in a jocular vein to Modi's usage of abbreviations like ABCD (Avoid, Bypass, Confuse, Delay) which the prime minister said should be replaced by 'ROAD' that stands for Responsibility, Ownership, Accountability, Discipline.

"The country is now trapped in 'NAMO' or 'No Action Message Only', Ramesh said. Namo, denoting the first letters in the prime minister's name, was used extensively for sloganeering and campaigning by  the BJP during the elections.
Reacting to the government taking the ordinance route to implement major laws like the one on land acquisition, the Congress leader said "now 'MODI' stands for 'Murder of Democratic India'."

Stressing on collective decision-making, Modi, at a day-long workshop on the 'Make in India' campaign on Monday had said that silos in government functioning have been demolished.
"Government is generally trapped in 'ABCD' culture from top to bottom.... A means Avoid, B-Bypass, C-Confuse, D-Delay. Our efforts is to move from this culture to 'ROAD' where R stands for Responsibility, O-Ownership, A-Accountability, D-Discipline. We are committed to moving towards this road map," he said.

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