The notice was issued by Thane District Judge V V Bambarde on Monday. In a strongly worded letter to Adharwadi Jail Superintendent, the Judge sought explanation for his failure to produce accused --Laxman Dhanaji Rathod--in the court on Monday.

Earlier, the court had issued an arrest warrant for the AMC of Mumbra, Shyam Thorbole after he remained absent for the hearing in the collapse case. Following the warrant, Thane policemen went to Thorbole's house but drew a blank as he had gone to Tirupati.

The action against Kalyan Jail authorities was initiated after special public prosecutor, Shishir Hirey pointed out that this was a deliberate attempt by the accused (Rathod) to delay the proceedings inordinately and urged the court to act upon it.

"You know that accused Laxman Dhanaji @ Damu S/o Shivaji Rathod is lodged in your prison. He is accused in one of the sensitive case of Shil Daighar police station bearing CR No: I-63/2013, Sessions Case No: 38/2014.

"Your were directed by writing...on warrant that the case was fixed for framing of charge, it is time bound and you were directed to send the above named accused to this court without fail. You also personally know that this court is trying this case very urgent, top priority basis and Hon’ble High Court
has directed this court to decide case within 18 months," read the showcause notice.

"Today you have sent accused Manikandan Selaram Nadar and Prabhu @ Prabhakaran Nadar in Sessions case 528/2015 and accused Roshni Omprakash Tupam in Special case No; 105/2014 in the court of Bhatia Saheb.It appears that you deliberately avoided to send accused Laxman Dhanaji to this court to prolong and create hurdle in a sensitive case. You are therefore directed to give explanation forthwith," it said.

At least 74 people were killed and 62 injured when a seven-storey structure, which was under construction, collapsed in Shil-Daighar area of Thane's Mumbra town in April 2013. The dead included 18 children. There are 27 accused in the case, of whom 25 have been arrested while two are still at large.


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