Bhopal: A seed company has been directed by a consumer court in Khargone district to pay a compensation of Rs 3 crore to the farmers whose crops were destroyed due to poor quality of seeds.

Bayer, the company in question had sold cotton seeds to farmers one and a half year ago promising them a good crop but instead the crop failed leading to huge losses to the farmers. The company had promised 18 quintals of cotton per hectare.

The district agriculture department had also confirmed that the cotton seed were not of good quality. The department also sent notice to the company seeking its response but the company did not reply to the notice.

Even the company ignored the recommendations of the agriculture department on the seed improvement. Finally after running pillar to post, the farmers approached the consumer court demanding compensation for the loss of their crops.

Delivering the verdict, Justice Mohan Khare ordered the company to pay Rs 10,000 per packets.  The company had sold 17,000 packets of seeds to the farmers.

Observing the mental harassment suffered by the affected farmers, the court also asked the company to pay Rs 5,000 to each of the affected farmers.

The company will also pay Rs 500 to each of the farmers as litigation fees. The cases of 150 farmers are still pending with the court.