Haridwar: Despite high-tech facilities in sports, the second oldest hockey tournament in India - Shraddhanand hockey tournament - will be played on a cow dung coated ground. The 80th edition of Shraddhanand hockey tournament will start from December 24 onwards.

The Gurukul Kangri University’s Shraddhanand hockey tournament represents the incredibility of modern India. This tournament is the second oldest tournament after the All India Baton Hockey Cup.

There is a unique way to prepare the stadium for this tournament, which was firstly started in year 1931.

Cow dung and soil are used for coating the boundaries, center line and D of the stadium. As per the recognition of Arya Samaj, cow dung is considered as disease resistance and it keeps the environment fresh and healthy. According to Gurukul, due to the use of sacred cow dung, no casualty has ever been reported in the stadium.

“From the past 80 years, the competition is going successfully. It is all due to the blessings of Gau Mata,” Dr Kartar Singh, the organiser said.

We coat entire stadium with cow dung because it is considered as holy in India” Professor Swatantra Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of Gurukul University said.