New Delhi: In a bid to improve traffic management on all major National Highways (NHs) across India, Union Road Transport and Highways Minister CP Joshi has got a study conducted with the help of RIGHTS, which has revealed many interesting facts.

The finding will help in establishing a balance between supply and demand of stuffs apart from providing aid in fleet and freight management. It will also give an idea about the requirement of overbridge, underbridge, expressway and even widening of NHs.

When RIGHTS conducted the study on NH-2, NH-25 and NH-27, it was found that NH-2 has the highest traffic density as it witnesses 30,727 PCU (passenger car unit) everyday.

“PCU is the parameter of measuring the traffic density under which the basic unit car is equal to 1 point, cycle is equal to 0.2 point, and motorcycle is equal to 0.5 point while trucks/buses are equal to 3.5 points. As per the parameter, it has been observed that the Kanpur-Allahabad section of NH-2 holds 68 percent truck of the total traffic,” according to the study.

The traffic density from Allahabad to Varanasi National Highway is also very high.

“Allahabad- Anu Rai section witnesses 20,204 PCU every day while Anu Rai- Varanasi section reports 26,392 PCU every day,” as per the study.

The traffic density gets thin at Varanasi- Gorakhpur section at 19,155 PCU every day. Kanpur- Allahabad section witnesses most of the time trucks laden with goods.

The minimum traffic has been reported at Gorakhpur- Ayodhya section of NH-28.