"There are all indications that the government is considering curtailing the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme. Any such move should be questioned," CPI National Secretary D Raja said.
"On one hand, the Modi government talks of 'sabka vikas' (development for all), on the other, they try to abolish the Planning Commission and make it redundant. They don't even speak of improving the sub-plans for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes," he said.
Noting that MGNREGA was enacted by Parliament after "a big struggle", he said, "Even though the right to employment is not a fundamental right, MGNREGA legally bound the government to provide employment to the poor in rural areas. There is also a demand for a similar law for the urban poor."
Contending that "Instead of understanding the problem of unemployment, the government is moving towards taking irrational and retrograde steps," he warned, "Such moves will lead to protests, social unrest and revolt.

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