While the party accused the "Sangh Pariwar guided" Narendra Modi government of working "over time" to surrender national interests to satisfy corporates, it also alleged that there is a "match-fixing" between BJP and Congress in implementing the neo-liberal economic policies.

"Hindutva forces are unleashing an anti-minority terror campaign, in the name of 'Ghar Wapsi' -- a kind of re-conversions.
"All attempts are being made to divide the country on religious lines to create tensions and fear psychosis to divert attention from the major issues of the nation," CPI General Secretary S Sudhakar Reddy said while delivering his inaugural speech at party's XXII Congress here.

Noting that churches are being attacked and destroyed, and "cultural terrorism" under the guidance of Sangh Pariwar is being practised, Reddy said that attack on scientific temper, artists and writers is being increasingly unleashed.
"The images of Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders ofnational movements are being tarnished to replace with Godse cult. Intolerance and hatred are on the increase," he said.

Alleging that the Narendra Modi government has offered concessions to Indian corporates, Reddy said that while income tax has been reduced by five per cent for the filthy rich and wealth tax is totally abolished, labour laws are amended to suit the needs of industrialists.

"Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Act is amended first through ordinance and attempts are being made to get it passed in Rajya Sabha also.

"Insurance Amendment Act has been amended to allow 49 percent FDI with the help of Congress party. There is a match-fixing between the BJP and Congress in implementing the neo-liberal economic policies like insurance Amendment bill," the party General secretary alleged.

Reddy observed that last year's Lok Sabha elections brought a "rabid communal pro-corporate BJP" to power, and said it was not just a transfer of power from one bourgeoisie party to another but a transfer to "most reactionary political outfit directly guided by Sangh Pariwar".

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