In an editorial, CPI's Malayalam daily "Janayugom" on Tuesday said the reasons that led to the split in the Indian Communist movement 50 years ago had become increasingly irrelevant and the current task before the leadership is to explore ways of a reunion.

CPI-M leaders, however, reacted in a lukewarm manner to the call holding that many of the factors led to the 1964 split were still relevant.

"The idea of Communist unity has assumed increasing relevance now. The question being raised by thousands who have deposed their trust in the Left is whether the leadership of the two parties would move towards the sublime objective of a reunion, instead of confining themselves to analysis of the election debacle," the party organ said.

The CPI daily, however, began the editorial with a caveat that it was forced to write on the issue considering the wish of thousands and spurred by a large number of letters it received from the party workers and sympathisers.

"Factors like division in the world Communist movement and differences over the approach towards Indian bourgeoisie were the main reasons that caused the split in the Indian Communist movement 50 years ago.

These have become irrelevant now. There is no point in harping on these issues and the two parties remaining divided. The need of the hour is to work towards unity in view of the contemporary realities," it said.

Holding that the Left had not lost its space in Indian polity due to the drubbing it received in the current elections, the party mouth-piece said the biggest task before the Communist leadership is to "address seriously the ideological, political and organisational challenges before the movement."

Reacting to the call, CPI(M) leader M A Baby said this was not an issue to be approached emotionally and some of the key factors that caused the split were still relevant.

He said what was required was strengthening the unity among the Left parties and not their organisational reunion.


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