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CPI to vote against FDI in retail in Parlaiment

Publish Date: 27 Nov 2012, 03:51 PM
Last Updated: 27 Nov 2012, 03:51 PM
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CPI to continue opposing FDI in retail
CPI to continue opposing FDI in retail

Mumbai: The Communist Party of India (CPI) on Tuesday said that it will continue its opposition against FDI in retail. "We will continue our opposition against FDI in retail. If the voting takes place on FDI in Parliament, then we will vote against it," Gurudas Dasgupta told reporters here.

With the stalemate in Parliament continuing over the FDI issue, Dasgupta said, "We feel it's wrong not to allow Parliament to function. The intentions of some parties not to allow the Parliament to function is wrong," the CPI leader said.

Meanwhile, CPI, during the ongoing AITUC's 40th national convention, will demand from the government to publish a white-paper on the present economic situation.

Addressing a rally on the first day of the convention, Dasgupta alleged that the government has given a "free hand" to private companies and does not take any action against them.

"Inflation is not the main issue...Economic crisis and unemployment are the main issues before the country," he added.


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