The faction, led by Communist Party of India-Marxist state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan over the past one year approached the national leadership many times to demand that senior politician and former chief minister Achuthanandan be taken to task for his frequent outbursts against Vijayan and his supporters.

At the height of the feud in July last year, Achuthanandan escaped with a public censure and subsequently in October last year, he expressed regrets for violating the party discipline by taking an open stand on issues contrary to that of his party.

The issues were Kudankulam nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu and the murder of former party colleague TP Chandrasekheran. He also regretted comparing state CPI-M secretary Pinarayi Vijayan to SA Dange.

Though Achuthanandan was publicly censured, the Vijayan faction was unhappy with it and following its pressure, the national leadership agreed to send a politburo commission to the state to sort out the feud.

All eyes are now on what comes out of the politburo visit in the coming days. A top source in the party pointed out that it is unlikely that there would be any drastic action against Achuthanandan as the crucial Lok Sabha polls are nearing and the 89-year-old veteran continues to be the darling of the Kerala masses.


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