"AAP has suddenly discovered wisdom in Thatcher's remark and passing it off as its own formulation. AAP should remember that due to Thatcher's neo-liberal policies, Britain – the mother of industrial revolution, today does not even produce a safety pin," senior CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury told
reporters in the national capital.
On Kejriwal's comments that he favoured capitalism and not crony capitalism, Yechury said that privatization of every public service is a part of the capitalist reform measures which spawned crony capitalism.
Yechury's remarks came a day after his party’s general secretary Prakash Karat said that the refrain of 'government has no business in business and all should be left to the private sector' is a typical neo-liberal outlook.
"By this criterion, all sectors of business and economic activity should be in private hands and governed by the market. Even basic services like supply of electricity, water and public transport should be privately run," Karat had

On being asked to comment on a khap panchayat leader's opposition to the Supreme Court ruling supporting inter-caste marriages, Yechury attacked AAP for having invited these panchayat heads who, he said, were ‘violating the constitutional rights of the people’.
On Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee's meeting with Anna Hazare, he said, "Who was with Anna earlier? Are they together now? AAP won the (Delhi) elections only after they broke away from Anna."


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