Patna: CPI-ML(Liberation) will abstain from the July 16 Presidential polls, its general secretary Deepankar Bhattacharya said on Sunday.

Defending the party's decision, Bhattacharya said the presidential poll is not merely election of a person to the top post but also a vote for policies and programmes of political parties contesting this election.

CPI-ML(L), he said, has decided to abstain from the presidential election as it disapproved of policies and programmes of both UPA and NDA.

The party does not support UPA's presidential candidate Pranab Mukherjee as he is part of the incumbent central government whose economic and foreign policies pushed the country to severe economic crisis and presided over a series of scams, besides meekly surrendering before the U.S and its policies.

The NDA is no different from UPA as its policy decisions on economy, foreign, agriculture and trade while it was in power at the Centre were detrimental to the interests of the country and its people, Bhattacharya said.

The UPA government had inherited its predecessor's economic and foreign policies and sustained them during its rule.

"The adverse impact of economic and foreign policies of the two governments is there for all to see as the country is reeling under economic crisis affecting the people," he said.

Pilloring the CPI(M) for supporting the candidature of the UPA nominee, Bhattacharya said the decision was 'shocking and beyond comprehension'.

On JD(U) supporting the UPA nominee, he said it was an instance of 'opportunistic politics' and contradictory in nature as Mukherjee was acceptable to the JD(U) as president but not  as the union finance minister apparently due to his failure to handle economic crisis and 'presiding over one scam after another'.

He also accused Chief Minister Nitish Kumar with indulging in quid pro quo with the Centre for supporting the UPA candidate in the presidential polls in lieu of dole outs to the state.

The other left parties backing Mukherjee's candidature too are guilty of pursuing opportunistic politics like Kumar, he said and asked the people to guard against political parties who are involved in such activities and agitate against them.


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