CPI-M Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury said Modi was creating "more garbage" than cleaning it, referring to his comments in Canada yesterday that his government was cleaning up the mess left behind by the previous administrations.
"It (Modi's comment) is like one of those sustained release medicines. Mr Modi is like one of the sustained release campaigns. Wherever he goes he is doing it. Since it (Canada) is a new country, there are new NRIs but the campaign is the same," Yechury told reporters while briefing on deliberations at the ongoing 21st party Congress here.
"Back home what are you doing? The economic policies you are following are actually compounding people's miseries ...What he is doing is actually creating more garbage which is accummulating in our country. Therefore, I said it is a sustained political campaign."
Taking a dig at Modi's foreign tours, Yechury said he might be making up for the last ten years as many of these countries did not allow him to visit them in the past.
"May be he was not able to travel for the past ten years. I mean not being permitted to travel by these countries. He has got the chance now and he is going all over these countries. Let him. If he advances India with his dressing and all, it is good," he said.

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