Varanasi: Did you ever think of a cream made from moss? Very few of us are familiar with the benefits of moss. Moss, which usually grows in damp and shady places, will soon be used in making face and body cream.

The special face cream is the brainchild of BHU Professor RP Singh. Professor Singh during his research on moss told media, “Rise in pollution is depleting protective ozone layer around the earth day by day. As a result, the effect of ultraviolet rays on skin is increasing which in severe cases leads to sunburns and skin cancer.

Professor Singh and his team during their research on moss extracted a sample of frozen sea-green algae (moss) from Garam Kund, Rajgir district of Bihar and studied the elements it contained. The team found three key elements, namely - mycosporine, amino acid and scytonemin compound.

The first experiment which was carried on mice completed successfully. Professor Singh points out that it also has the potential to enhance beauty in humans. It can also be used as face cream.

Professor Singh has completed laboratory work for the same and now is inviting various cosmetic companies to create beauty products for public utility.

The laboratory tests of the elements are nearly complete and the cream will be made available within a span of two years. It will also protect the skin against harmful UV rays.