The all-new Sound Blaster Roar is in-built with high-frequency top-firing driver and dual amplifiers, one for lows & mids and another for highs.

The all-new Creative speaker that measures 202x115x57mm has side-firing radiator design, encapsulated in a monocoque endo-skeletal chassis.

The creative Bluetooth wireless speaker supports HD audio-codecs for high-quality audio over Bluetooth. Also, the codecs can be supported by almost all Android devices and iPhone.

The device also allows speakerphone teleconferencing with its integrated microphone.

It also features one-touch voice, music recorder, microSD slot, siren, NFC connectivity and Bluetooth Link Security Control.

The speaker can easily be connected to two Bluetooth devices at a time.

The device is backed with a 6000mAh battery that provides upto 8 hours of continuous audio playback and can also be used to charge smartphones.

It can be used to charge smartphones and other devices, apart from providing upto 8 hours of continuous audio playback.