Addressing students at the third Annual Commerce Convention of Delhi University, Kalam said a creative leader is the one who will not only possess a vision but also the passion to transform it into action.

"A generation of creative leaders will play a huge role in attaining a healthy and happy India by 2030," he said.

Exhorting the students to come up with out-of-box and innovative solutions to problems, Kalam said the ideas were no longer geographically or politically confined.

An MNC in Bangalore has become truly multicultural with a Korean, an American, a Japanese and an Indian together solving a banking problem in Australia, Kalam said.

By 2030, there will be a world of nations where the divide between rural and urban, rich and the poor, developed and developing has narrowed down, he added.

When asked by a student on the issue of corruption, Kalam said self righteousness in the hearts of the country’s youth will ensure that India will overcome such an evil.

"Government will not give you self righteousness. It has to come from within you," he said.
'Leveraging Business: Discovering New Horizons' is the theme of this year's convention organised by Delhi University’s Department of Commerce.


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