We all have a personal narrative that shapes our view of the world and ourselves. But often our  inner voice doesn’t get it completely right. Some researchers believe that by writing and then editing our own stories we can change our perceptions of ourselves and identify obstacles. Researchers say that the effects of writing are real.

In an experiment, researchers chose around 40 college students of Duke University who were struggling academically. The students were divided into two separate groups-intervention groups and control groups. Students in the intervention group were given information showing that it is common for them to struggle in their freshman year. They watched videos of junior and senior college students who talked about how their own grades had improved as they adjusted to colleges.

The result published in 'The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology', shown that, the students who had undergone the story-changing intervention got better grades.

Students who had been prompted to change their personal stories improved their grade-point averages and they were less likely to drop out over the next year than the students who received no information. In the control group, which had received no advice about grades, twenty percent of the students had dropped out within a year. But in the intervention group, only 1 student — or just 5 percent — dropped out.

In another such experiment, reserachers of Stanford University focused on African-American students, who are struggling to adjust in their colleges. Some of them were asked to write an essay. The study found that students who took part in the writing received better grades than those who missed it.

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