CA was left red-faced when its official twitter account showed an abusive tweet which criticized an umpiring decision during the match last weekend.
"That decision sucked a**#bull***," it read. The tweet was promptly deleted and replaced by an apology.
"Apologies for the inappropriate tweet earlier regarding the Bell catch. It didn't emanate from CA's official Twitter presence at Lord's. CA is currently investigating the matter." CA said it has not been able to figure out the origin of the tweet.
"Cricket Australia (CA) has been unable to identify the source of the offensive tweet posted to its official account during the course of the second Ashes Test at Lord’s last weekend," it said.
"While Twitter records of users logged in to the account at the time revealed some unusual IP addresses from overseas (not the UK), nothing could be pinpointed," it added.
"Unfortunately Twitter don't log IP addresses of specific tweets or keep records of deleted tweets so it has been impossible to determine where the tweet was posted from," it said
The CA has, however, reviewed security on its social media accounts and "put processes in place to minimize the possibility of this occurring again".


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