Melbourne: Cricket Australia is set to be rocked by sweeping changes as its Board could be forced to sack itself when a 'secret report' recommending complete overhaul is handed over to it on Wednesday.

According to a report in a newspaper, "David Crawford, who re-designed the Australian Football League hierarchy in 1992, will present a secret report to the CA board on Wednesday recommending sweeping changes."

"It is understood that the report recommends the 14-man board of elected state delegates be replaced by a nine-man independent commission."

CA, which carried out a major overhauling of the team management by roping in Australia's first foreign coach in Mickey Arthur recently, is expected to undergo some changes itself after the fresh report.

"Each state will be asked to nominate one board member who has no state or club ties and the six new delegates will then appoint three further independents with specific expertise," the newspaper reported.

CA had engaged Crawford and former AFL Commissioner Colin Carter to suggest administrative changes.

Just-elected CA chairman Wally Edwards, who played three Tests in the mid '70s, said he would be happy to step down if it helps putting a better system in place.

"Maybe our governance review, it's getting close, might even see me the shortest-serving chairman in Cricket Australia's history," Edwards said.

"But if we end up with a better system, that will not worry me at all. Since I've been on the board, we've had three attempts to look at our governance and none of them has got this far," he added.

Edwards said having a reformed set-up in place would also eliminate chances of bias in decision-making.

"We have too many people on the board. I don't think Cricket Australia needs 14 directors. To be on the board, you have to be on a state board. Therefore, where do your allegiances lie? Conflicts of interest, all that stuff," he said.

"So I think we have to change. It's a matter now of getting that process underway, which we will be at our next board meeting, I expect," he added.