New Delhi: The cricket diplomacy has given impetus to the Prime Ministers level talk between India and Pakistan. Pak Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani said talks will be held before the meeting of Foreign Ministers of both the countries in July.

After the proposed meeting between both the Foreign Ministers, confidence building measures will be announced.

Before bidding farewell to the Pakistan counterpart, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that we have to find out solution to differences between the two countries.
The PM said, “Yousuf Raza Gilani and I will make honest attempt to remove hurdles in the way of improving bilateral relation.”

In very presence of Manmohan Singh during press briefing, Gilani’s approval for composite dialogue has thawed the relation between India and Pakistan, which turned cold after the 26/11terror attack in Mumbai.

The Indian side has shown positive attitude towards Manmohan’s Pakistan visit. However, it will be decided later.

In coming four months before the summit, ex-Water Resources Secretary will try to solve the disputes like Sindhu water distribution and Kishanganga project, while the Siyachin issue will be discussed in the meeting of Defense Secretaries of both countries.

There is a likelihood of announcing more concessions on cross border trades. However, experts suggest maintaining precaution in the Indo-Pak rapprochement.

Ex-Additional Director, Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW), B Raman asks to beware of the elements who could derail the dialogue. Both the nations will have to boost the confidence building measures for better results.

(JPN/ Bureau)