These promotional hubs help cricketers to promote their brands, share pictures and activities with their fans. Here we have enlisted top five popular cricketers on social media.

1. Virat Kohli (India):

Virat Kohli is one of the best and attractive batsmen of Indian cricket team. He has millions of followers on social media,who are much more interested in his personal life than his cricket records. He has 9.38 million followers on Twitter and 24. 62 million likes on Facebook, taking the total to 34 million followers.

2. MS Dhoni (India):

The Indian captain and heartthrob MSD is not far behind Kohli in this popularity list. He has 5 million followers on Twitter and 17.15 million likes on his Facebook page.

3. AB De Villiers (South Africa):

One of the most dynamic cricketers in the modern world, De Villiers has an official Twitter account, and his Facebook account is managed by Wikipedia. The total number of followers he has, combining both Twitter (3.29 million) and Facebook (9.92 million) is 13.21 million.

4. Chris Gayle (West Indies):

Chris Gayle is the hard-hitting opener of West Indies. His fan following includes many Indians. He has 4. 64 million likes on Facebook page and 2.85 million followers on Twitter, taking the total to 7.49 million fans.

5. Kevin Pietersen (England):

Kevin Pietersen is one of the best players of England, he has lot of fans on social media. He is always making headlines for his controversial acts which makes him a popular star. He has 3.02 million followers on Twitter and 3.48 million fans on Facebook, taking his total fan following to 6.50 million.

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