The drop in the crime rate was due to decrease in non-violent crimes, reported a news agency. Among major urban centers, the Greater Toronto Area, home to about 6 million people, reported a seven percent decrease in its police-reported crime rate in 2012 and had the lowest crime rate in Canada for the sixth consecutive year.

Kelowna in the western province of British Columbia with a population of about 185,000 experienced a 6 percent surge in its crime rate and had the country's highest crime rate in 2012. Canadian police services also reported just over 415,000 violence incidents last year, a decrease of 9,000 from 2011, said Statistics Canada. In 2012, Canada's violent crime rate fell by 3 percent to its lowest level since 1987. In 2012, police reported 543 homicides, or 55 fewer than in 2011.

Canada's homicide rate of 1.56 homicides per 100,000 people was the lowest since 1966.Statistics Canada said that beyond homicides, the police-reported crime rate fell for most violent crimes, particularly major sexual assault, robbery, and assault on a peace officer.

There were also more terrorism-related incidents last year - an increase by 55 compared to 2011.


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