New Delhi: The highly educated students seem to be getting into world of crime in the recent days as they are in grip of becoming rich overnight syndrome. They studied in the best schools and have a good life and future but at the age of 16 or 17 they want to take over the world.

They want to have swanky cars, lovely girlfriends, foreign trips and everything that money can buy without making any effort for them. You can’t call them criminals because they are well educated. Generally, they are known as ‘educated criminals’.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, has recently released a report mentioning that more and more educated youngsters are getting into the life of crime. The report has stated that crime committed by educated youth has witnessed a sharp rise in 2011 in comparison to 2010. Most of them were caught for various crimes including cheating, snatching, kidnapping, robberies and murders.

According to the report, Uttar Pradesh tops the list followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. In Uttar Pradesh alone, over 28 lakh educated youths were found to be involved in crimes like kidnapping, cheating, snatching in 2010. In Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, the figure hovered at 15 lakh and 14 lakh respectively.

Delhi Police data showed that a lot of MBA graduates were found to be involved in crime cases. Recently, on December 13 last year, two Hotel Management students were arrested for cheating members of a club in South Delhi. The accused had stolen data of members of Club Mahindra and made calls to those members who failed to make payments.

It has now become a trend in metro cities and state capitals that educated youths are getting themselves indulged in such crimes to become rich overnight. Here, it should be noted that buying luxuries are the primary motive of the ‘educated criminals’.


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