News of the death of Nola (41), the female northern white rhino, one of the only four surviving on planet earth came as shock to wildlife enthusiasts worldwide. Nola is left behind two other female rhinos Najin (27) and her calf, Fatu (13) and one male rhino Sudan (43)  under armed guard at the conservancy.

Although conservation campaigns and effective steps by conservationists have tried to breed Northern white rhinos, scientists have claimed that these rhinos are either too ill or too old to reproduce, confirming their extinction.

Rhinos all around the world are facing extinction mainly because of poaching and habitat destruction and it is predicted that they might disappear very soon.

Here, we list out the critically endangered species around the world that you might not see again:

1. Northern White Rhino: Only three rhino left in the world were preserved in Kenya under the protection of armed guards.

2. Amur Leopard: These species of leopard are mainly found in Southeastern Russia and China. Declared Critically Endangered since 1996 by IUCN, there were only 19-26 in the year 2007. This year's census shows that their population has increased to 57 in Russia and 12 in China.

3. The Javan Rhinoceros: One of the most endangered species, Javan rhinos were killed since colonial times. Their highly valued horns are used for various purposes in Asia. There are only 50-56 left in  Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia.

4. Cross River Gorilla: They have not been studied widely by scientists and are seen only along Cameroon-Nigeria border. It is estimated that only around 200-300 such gorillas exist.

5. Bengal Tiger: These species of tiger are mainly found in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The national animal of India has seen a tremendous decline in their population with only around 2000 left worldwide.

Arya Lakshmi/JPN

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