New Delhi (JPN/Bureau): Notwithstanding the major losses it had to suffer in Dantewada last year, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has decided to launch anti-Maoist campaign in the area afresh and this time it would take direct help from local police.

The Maoists had killed over 76 CRPF personnel in Dantewada on April 6 last year.

Under the new plan, the central forces posted in several camps in Maoist-affected districts of various States, before leaving for the operations against the Maoists bastions, will not have to seek prior permission from the officials in Delhi. Instead, they would be deciding all the niceties of the operations with the state police force at local level.

Following the Dantewada killings, the CRPF had made it mandatory to seek necessary permission from central office before launching any operation. However, the CRPF has now given clear directions to all its battalions deployed in the Maoist-affected areas that they are independent to take decision regarding the operations, as earlier.

This means, the SP of the State Police and Commandants of Central Forces can decide upon immediate strategy at their respective levels. Considering the fact that local police has better understanding of the local situations, people and places, CRPF in its SOP (Standard Procedure to Work) has made it clear its personnel engaged in anti-Naxal operations would take the help of local police.