Jaipur: Well known for its deserts and ancient forts, Rajasthan may soon carve out a niche for itself in the international market for having huge reservoir of crude oil. A massive deposit of at least 50 million tonne heavy crude oil has been found in the state. The Union Government’s Oil India Company is further exploring the possibilities in this regard.

Heavy crude oil can replace lignite in the power plants. The heavy oil can be further developed into diesel. Apart from this, heavy crude oil can be used in many other ways. The heavy crude oil is converted into light oil in the refineries through filtration .

Till date 50 million tonne crude oil has been detected in the state, and the possibilities of more deposits are not yet ruled out.

Simultaneously, the huge reserve of heavy crude oil is likely to add to the state exchequer by manifold. Previously, oil reserve had been detected in Jaisalmer.

(JPN/ Bureau)