Indore: What can be a bigger challenge in the implementation of Right to Education Act in spirit than this that in a majority of rural areas in the state, thousands of kids are bereft of basic education just because the schools lack in adequate number of teachers.

Ironically, on one side where urban schools are flooded with teachers, schools in villages, on the other hand, are still for adequate number of teaching staff.

This can be gauged from the deplorable condition of education in primary government schools of Indore district. In villages of Mahi, Sawanre, Deplapur and Betma sub divisions, the education system is running in a poor state due to lack of teachers.

Three months after the commencement of 2011-12 academic session, regular studies in more than 400 schools of the district have not gained momentum as yet.

Surprisingly, there are more than 70 schools which are simply running with a single teacher. More so, in many schools there are only one or two teachers for every 300 students. They simply come to schools to mark their presence.

However, District Education Officer Rajni Jadaun said, “The problem is being taken seriously and there are proposals to appoint 250 new teachers within three to four months to stabilise the education system in the district."