New Delhi: Clean Sports India (CSI) on Saturday condemned the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) for shying away from taking any action against its tainted president Suresh Kalmadi despite repeated threats from the world body to act on its own on the matter.

The IOA's executive board met on Friday to discuss the letters sent to it by the International Olympic Committee to act against Kalmadi, who is fighting corruption charges against him related to the conduct of 2010 Commonwealth Games.

But the IOA refrained from taking any hard decisions and said that there will be no change in the status quo, which means Kalmadi is safe as ever and can always make a comeback.

"Clean Sports India, on behalf of all sportspersons of our state and country, condemn the inaction of IOA," CSI vice-president Ashwini Nachappa said in a statement.

"The inaction, though expected, only proves that the IOA acting-president Vijay Kumar Malhotra is strongly standing behind Kalmadi," the former athlete said.

In Friday's meeting, the executive board of the IOA also accepted Kalmadi's letter to Malhotra that he would not be able to devote time to the association and would not exert his rights and obligations as president of the sports body.

"This inaction also proves that the present set up at the helm of affairs of IOA are continuing to act at the behest of Kalmadi," Nachappa said.

"We appeal to the IOC to refer this matter to their Ethics Commission. Strong action should be taken from the International Body as the IOA will never be able to take any action now or in the future," she added.