New Delhi: Employees in India have one of the highest regard for corporate social responsibility as more than half of the employees in the country are concerned about the behaviour of the companies towards society, says a survey.
The Ipsos survey of 24 nations showed that workers in emerging market economies are much more concerned about their employer’s responsibility towards the society than the developed nations.
The feelings on corporate responsibility were highest in Brazil (65 percent), Mexico (59 percent), Argentina (57 percent), Indonesia (55 percent) and India (51 percent), the survey said.
In contrast, in Japan and France less than 20 percent of workers felt the same way, and in Spain, Belgium, Germany, South Korea and China the number was less than 30 percent. In other developed nations it ranged from 30 percent in Britain and 32 percent in the United States to 35 percent in Australia and 37 percent in Canada.
"The key message that comes out of the survey is that companies can't neglect corporate social responsibility. Employees believe it is important for their employers to be a responsible corporate citizen for being respected as a socially responsible organization," said Biswarup Banerjee, Head of Marketing Communication and in charge of CSR for Ipsos in India.
Banerjee added that "CSR is a vital tool to boost business and employee morale, it brings in a sense of pride in the organization, engenders teamwork and is a source of inspiration and connectedness."
In addition, seven in 10 (67 percent) Indians think that companies should pay more attention to the environment and more than half (58 percent) Indians expect companies should do more to contribute towards the society, the study said.
Interestingly, though, only 45 percent Indians said they will consider a company's commitment towards social responsibility when forming a decision about buying a product or service.
Globally, three most important things companies must do to be respected, according to the Ipsos poll, are: prioritize workplace safety, contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country, and abide by local laws and rights.


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