Having repeatedly weathered natural disasters like Tsunami and cyclones in the years gone by, Cuddalore is fighting, yet again, to stand on its feet after the recent floods that claimed 49 human lives and inflicted heavy damage to standing crops, cattle and infrastructure.
The farmers in Visur and Periyakattupalayam are now faced with the daunting task of not only pumping out the rain waters but also clearing the farmland of the thick sheet of sand, five feet high in some places.
In places like Kalkunam and Kurinjipadi, he says, there is 'absolutely no chance for any crop harvest'.
Apart from the death of 49 people, over 50,000 huts have been damaged during the floods in Cuddalore district where hundreds of families spent weeks together in relief camps. A large number of people are still living in those camps. Kondur area is still heavily inundated.

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