When it is Valentine, the love week, why teddies won’t have any mention? After pampering your loved ones with scented Roses, scrumptious Chocolates and generous proposals, it’s time for yet another surprise. Go and give her a mushy- squishy teddy on this teddy day. Teddy Day is again not restricted to your lover. You can also make a special friend or siblings a part of it. The soft hug of teddy can make your lady love feel in the coziest embrace ever in life.  

How to Choose Perfect Teddy for Your Girlfriend:

1. Colour: Let your girlfriend speak out for her favorite colour. Look for a teddy bear of that color - check online if you can't find a certain colour in the store.

2. Size: An appropriate size is must. If she's short, she'll appreciate a smaller teddy. If she's overweight (or sensitive about her weight) don't choose a larger one, otherwise she might feel insulted.

3. Interest: Pick one that reflects her interest. If she's into skating, you can buy a little skater bear. If she loves knitting, you can buy her a knitted bear - or even try out knitting one yourself!

4. Ask for help from her friends. They'll be able to help you find a bear your girlfriend will love - but you should choose the bear! Girls like their boyfriends to put some thought into gifts.

5. Hand-made Bears: Look for hand-made bears. They're nicer than the usual grocery store type! Look online on places like Etsy to find one, or you can try your hand at it yourself!

Do’s and Don’ts of Teddy Day:


There are limited collectible teddy-bears and even customizable teddy-bears available, though these are expensive. Nice to gift these, but don’t overshoot your budget, and keep her tastes in mind while buying. For example: Getting her a cat soft-toy when she loathes cats is a No-No.

Buy only Washable Teddies, especially if she is allergic to dustmites. Better still, look for the ones labelled “made with hypoallergenic ingredients.”


White teddy bears are the most common, but need high-maintenance. In addition to it, they are BORRRING. When we get a White Teddy Bear, our first thought is where to keep it so it doesn’t get dirty or stained. So, just avoid White. Any other colors will do, even Baby Pink and Light Brown. You don’t really need to stick to dark colors, just avoid White.

Loveneet Kaur/JPN